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1970s London Comes Alive in ‘Follow Me’

Written by Christopher • June 19th, 2009
1970s London Comes Alive in ‘Follow Me’

One of my all time favorite John Barry scores is the one from British movie Follow Me! (also known as The Public Eye). Released in 1972 and set in London, it portrays the story of a wealthy jealous banker hiring a eccentric and strange private detective played by Topol to follow his wife, played by Mia Farrow around London in a cat and mouse type of game.

Not only does London play a big part in the movie, it is almost a character on its own and it is really thrilling to see it come alive in the early and some what gloomy 1970s post flower-power era. We see scenes from Hyde Park, The National Gallery, Covent Garden among many other places.

The soundtrack really makes Follow Me stand out, it is amazingly beautiful and dreamy (and sometimes haunting) – I would definitely consider it one of Barry’s best works ever from that decade.

Below you can hear two excerpts from the excellent soundtrack, that sets the perfect mood for the movie.


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