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Classic Film Noir Posters

Written by Christopher • September 10th, 2009
Classic Film Noir Posters

Film noir was used to describe a particular type of Hollywood crime movies that was made popular in the 1940s and 1950s. It usually centered around murders, damsels in distress and private investigators and set in a heavy black and white contrast – creating the famous visual style with long shadows and very little light.

The term Film noir (dark film) was actually first used in 1946 when a French critic applied to it to describe the movies in America at that time. A guy that goes under the mysterious name Doctor Macro has scanned and retouched a huge bunch of posters and photographs of celebrities of the time and is presenting them in high resolution downloads on his website – so for more ‘femme fatales’ and mysterious men in hats, head over there straight away.


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