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Creating the past for Polaroid wins Competition

Written by Christopher • July 14th, 2011
Creating the past for Polaroid wins Competition

Lisa Predko, who we have mentioned before on Ultra Swank, is a talented photographer based in Chicago. Her love for everything vintage inspired her to start shooting retro inspired photographs about a decade ago. Since then she has created a impressive collection of really neat photos that look like they were freshly taken out from a time capsule in perfect condition.

Not too long ago, Polaroid held a competition where they asked photographers to recreate a photo from one of their old manuals or create your own. Naturally Lisa wanted to do the latter and the result can be seen above. The photo landed her first prize in the category which will not only give her fame and glory but also a brand new Elemental Model Land Camera named after it. Congratulations!

When I heard about the Polaroid/Bust Magazine Ladies of Polaroid Contest, it was screaming my name, and I could not resist! Polaroid has always been a huge part of my own photography, starting with the magical SX-70 camera I grew up with. I have a collection of Vintage (and new!) Polaroid Cameras and even did a little research to make sure the camera we photographed was appropriate for the time period of the set. Combine all this with my love for Bust Magazine and it was a done deal. Super talented crew assembled and we were shooting in no time!


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