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Playboy Inspired DIY Home Lounge

Written by Christopher • June 28th, 2010
Playboy Inspired DIY Home Lounge

Taking its inspiration from the original Playboy Club, located in downtown Chicago, this DIY built music wall is not only a homage to the electronic entertainment wall that was installed at the Chicago club in 1964 but also takes it one step further by enhancing it with modern technology.

The designer was determined to have a room to call his own and used his carpentry skills to create something that would look like going back in time, but keeping all modern conveniences and high fidelity.

The original Playboy club featured bunnies serving cocktails and live performances by legendary names such as Sid Ceasar, Ray Charles, Count Basie, Bob Hope and Mel Tormé.

This modern version sadly does not come with any bunnies or crooners.

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