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Retro Kitchen Renovation – Country Kitchens

Written by Featured Post • June 3rd, 2013
Retro Kitchen Renovation – Country Kitchens

Charming to look at and delightful to cook in, nothing says ‘country home’ like a classic kitchen. — Via Flickr

From wood paneling to marble countertops, there’s nothing like a charming country kitchen to give a home some retro appeal. While this style of kitchen may have fallen out of favor in modern developments, retro country kitchens look fantastic in homes that make use of the classic design ideas of the 20th century.

Want to create your own country kitchen? Use these four cool design ideas to build a timeless and stylish country kitchen that’s equal parts retro, friendly, and charming:

Red checkered curtains for the ultimate 1950s style

Give your kitchen the look of a 1950s diner with checkered curtains. Relive the great days of the Space Age with curtains that bring back memories of the top 20th century home styling trends.

Red-and-white checkered curtains may not mesh well with a modern kitchen, but they’re the ultimate styling accessory for a retro themed country kitchen. Put them on a large window – for cooling food, of course – for the ultimate 1950s look.

A classic range cooker for the ideal restaurant look

Ignore today’s modern induction stoves in favor of a traditional gas cooker. A classic range cooker – gas only, of course – gives your kitchen the charming style of a 1950s restaurant.

A wide variety of manufacturers make range cookers styled to look like their 1950s counterparts, meaning you’ll never have to deal with unreliable vintage equipment to get the classic look you’re searching for.

White wooden cupboards with fluted glass covers

Fluted glass, long a mainstay of mid-20th century kitchens, has gone out of style in favor of frosted and clear alternatives. Despite this, it’s an essential design element for any old school country kitchen.

Adding fluted glass to your cupboards gives your kitchen a retro look that’s hard to achieve without it. Inexpensive and easily available, this retro-inspired design idea is perfect for giving your kitchen the classic country home theme.

A wooden floor for style, ambiance, and easy cleaning

Nothing screams ‘modern’ like tiles, and nothing screams ‘cheap’ like linoleum. Go with the clear winner – a polished wooden floor – for the best combination of retro looks and timeless design sense.

From polished oak to mahogany, maple to walnut, a wide variety of woods can look great on your kitchen floor. Since we’re styling a country kitchen, it’s best to go with the warmest wood you can find to add character and style to the kitchen.

Written by Britannia Living.

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