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The Modern Bachelor Pad

Written by Koop Kooper • June 22nd, 2012
The Modern Bachelor Pad

The Modern Bachelor Pad

Back in the 1960′s there were many bachelor pad films about and one of the key fantasy parts of this model was the fully decked out, technologically advanced bachelor pads. The reality of these films that it was pretty much impossible for the average guy to have one of these bachelor pads.

Sure there might have been some rich guys who might have had access to this kind of gadgetry but the fact remains that a cat on an average wage might have had a nice pad but he couldn’t have recreated what he saw the big screen.

Well the good news is that you and I live in the 21st century, yes I know, sometimes living in modern times does have it s down side such as rude people, people who think flip flops are appropriate footwear for nights out on the town and people who think the f-bomb is appropriate language for all occasions. Regardless, the 21st century has brought the future to our door, granted I still don’t own a flying car or a jet pack as promised by the Jetsons.

Today thanks to modern technology you can actually create a fully decked out Bachelor Pad that will impress your date. A company called Belkin has recently invented a gadget that can remotely control your apartment cheaply and easily. Belkins WeMo Switch can to trigger devices in your pad with motion. Just place the WeMo Motion sensor wherever you like, connect it to a WeMo Switch controlling a light, and that light goes on whenever you pass by.

With WeMo Motion, appliances wake up and perform their tasks when you get near them, and go to sleep when you leave. There’s a free WeMo app so,that you can tell your Switches and Motion Sensors what to do, and when to do it. You can name every item you’re controlling with WeMo, even take its picture and have that appear next to its name.

With wireless technology you can have your music play through every room in the pad, you can have a robotic vacuum cleaner tidy your digs while you are out and about on the town.

Modern remote control units like the WeMo make setting the mood, quickly and allow you to set the mood and impress your date. I encourage you to check out the possibilities of marrying technology and bachelor pad swankness together in your lair.

Koop Kooper

Koop Kooper is the host of The Cocktail Nation, He's also a writer, voiceover artist and known around Sydney as a hepster, always on the lookout for new crazy music.

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