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Skate Crate – Taking Skateboarding Back to the 1950s

Written by Christopher • August 29th, 2014
Skate Crate – Taking Skateboarding Back to the 1950s

Skate Crate – All the Kids

Roll down the sidewalk like you own the town with the retro inspired Skate Crate. Modern design meets the roots of skateboarding. Skate Crate takes skateboarding’s original concept of a 2×4 with metal wheels and a fruit crate and fuses it with modern designs and components, creating a smooth ride and stylish mode of transportation.

The initial product line includes both easy-to-build and decorate DIY kits as well as fully-assembled, finished products featuring art by respected skateboard artists Ben Horton and Ron Cameron.

Utilizing high quality Baltic Birch and American Maple for both the crate and modern skateboard deck, Skate Crate replaces the bone shaking metal wheels of old with smooth riding urethane cruiser wheels. The crates feature eyelet hooks to easily tie down a 12-pack, groceries, or a backpack inside the box. Vintage fruit crate labels, classic motorcycle racing, and car club designs were the influence for the fully-assembled Flying Tiger, Raceway, and Sidewalk Screamer models. The DIY kits come unassembled with racing-inspired decals available to encourage hands-on fun.

“Right now there’s a backlash about screen time, media overload, and the drive time people are faced with,” says Skate Crate founder Dave Bergthold. “When people have a chance to be creative or have some fun, it’s on limited time, so we wanted to make something that incorporates both DIY creativity and being outdoors. The Skate Crate offers a stylish design and is fun for both adults and kids. Plus, with the DIY kit we’ve given people the opportunity to add their own style and creativity and given them a little direction if they need it.”

Skate Crate, the new retro-skateboarding inspired brand, just lunched a highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign. So click on, if you are interested in getting your own and supporting the project.

Above: Skate Creat – Shop

Above: Skate Crate – Vintage 3

Above: Skate Crate – Two Kids

Above: Skate Crate – Vintage 1

Above: Skate Crate – Kid action

Above: Skate Crate – Vintage 2


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