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A Retro-Retro Tribute – The Saturdays Cover Just Can’t Get Enough

Written by Guest Writer • July 28th, 2010

I love seeing modern music videos that carry a retro twist. The artists always seem to have so much fun and introducing new audiences to retro fashion and culture is never a bad thing. Those of us interested in dressing up in retro fashions might find it too expensive or too difficult to locate the items to do so, but we can always live vicariously through the magic of the music video.

My first entry is thanks to UK girl group The Saturdays. These lovely ladies covered Depeche Mode’s 80’s hit “Just Can’t Get Enough” making this a Retro-Retro tribute video. Watch the girls prance around in pinup-style clothing as the infectious song plays in the background–it’s sure to become your earworm for the day.

All of the great pinup styles are represented in this video; from the boudoir babe to the armed forces cutie, making sure the male readers of Ultra Swank will enjoy the fashion post as much as the female readers will…but for different reasons of course. One thing though; as an 80’s baby should I be concerned the 80’s are now considered retro as well? Hmm. Enjoy the video, Ultra Swank readers! If you want more of The Saturdays, here they are covering the 60’s hit “Please Mr. Postman.”

Written by: Lourdes Gutierrez

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