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Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Three Jazz Vocalists

Written by Steven Padal • September 22nd, 2010
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Three Jazz Vocalists

Lady’s and gentlemen, grab your partner, cause it’s time for some be-boppin’!

Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks and Annie Ross are three jazz vocalists that formed in 1957. The trio unfortunately were not active for many years and ended their trio in 1962. Though, Ross was replaced Yolande Bavan in 1962 and continued through 1964. The trio have strong and powerful vocals that flow well with jazzy Big Band music. The lyrics are fun, unique and offer a great beat for dancing with the one you love.

Listen to some samples from Amazon. I highly recommend Main Stem, Caravan and Twist City. Get the music goin’ and your feet tappin’! Also available on Spotify.

Steven Padal

Steven Padal lives in Chicago where great architecture and jazz surround the city. He is an architect, photographer, historian and has a passion for WWII-era culture.

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