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Les Baxter plays with Sand Pebbles

Written by Christopher • September 2nd, 2005
Les Baxter plays with Sand Pebbles

This Les Baxter piece was released circa 1966-1967 around the same time as the press book for the movie “The Sand Pebbles” was published. Although it isn’t a official song from the soundtrack (which Jerry Goldsmith produced), it was released as a promo 45 RPM vinyl by Crescendo (GNP Crescendo 382) with Balan Samba (Bandeira) from Brazil Now (GNP Crescendo 2036) on the back side, and it seams to me that it is a quite rare record to come over.

Les version of the love theme from the movie is a beautifully orchestrated piece with playful flutes, a semi-latin beat and of course Baxter’s excellent chorus. Originally released in mono, I decided to clean up the song and remaster it in stereo for your enjoyment.



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