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The Cocktail Nation — Episode #208 • February 19th, 2012
The Cocktail Nation

On the show this week, Koop Kooper talk to Sydney lounge act the Acca Daiquiris, meet the inspiration for Mad Men character Don Draper. There is also an interesting JFK story and Swank advice on what not to email about the workplace.


Martini Kings - Desifinado
Narco Lounge Combo - Miserlou
Acca Daiquiries Nutbush - City Limits
Mr Ho’s Orchestra - Phoenix Goodbye
Les Baxter - Lust
Naughty Ones - Azure Te
Martini Heaven - Dreamavoo
Joe Torres - Soul Cha
Jimmy Vargas - A Blue Negligee
James Bond Sextet - You Only Live Twice
Melody Gardot - Les Etoiles
John Barry - Lovers

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