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Hollywood Canteen

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #253 • February 10th, 2013
Hollywood Canteen


The lights are low, the music is up high on the hi-fi, the curtains are open to reveal a gorgeous Sydney skyline and the city buzzes below while I gather the latest and greatest lounge and exotica cds assembled into pile in the only radio studio 52 flights above the city of Sydney as this week we make a long distance phone call to hollywood to find out about the Hollywood Cafe. We also find out about the Global Martini Tour Test, head back to our childhood to talk about an essential toy of the mid 20th century and I’ll tell you how to own some Bond history.


Martini Kings - Zou Biscou Biscou
Lushy - French 75
Si Zentner - The Fugitive Theme
Beverly Kenney - A Womans Intuition
Don Tiki - Chinatown Bar Cha Cha
Lex Baxter - Havana
Diana Krall - Night We Called It A Day
Jackie Gleason - Alone Together
Henry Mancini - Quiet Village
Yma Sumac - Bo Mambo
Kenny Sasaki - Owl
Blue Zombies - Soul Finger
Frank Sinatra - All My Tomorrow
Alvino Rey - Night Train

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