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Mambo Madness

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #254 • February 17th, 2013
Mambo Madness


It’s the mambo beat and this week we hook into the mambo craze of the fifties with interviews from the big names of Mambo. This is the place where bright flourescent neon mixes with the white jackets of the mariachi band.  It’s smoky, sweaty, and passionate.


Dom Halpin - Mambo
Mambo Jambo - Dave Barbour
Israel Cachao Lopez - Mambo
Rupert Clemedore - Mambo Metronome
Cocktail Angst - Muy Psycho Mambo
Don Swan and His Orchestra - Hooray For Hollywood
Jack Costanzo - Peter Gunn Mambo
Tito Puente - Pa Los Rumberos
Billy May - Hernandos Hideaway
Ethel Smith - Tico Tico
Blue Dahlias - Brazil
Chuy Reyes And His Orchestra - Oink Oink Mambo
John Buzon - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
Jimmy Vargas - Can Can Hell Mambo
Pink Martini - No Hay Problema

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