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World’s Greatest Parties

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #258 • March 17th, 2013
World’s Greatest Parties

I’ve always loved parties, big parties, little parties, swank parties. To me it’s the expectation of wonderful stories and friendships strengthened by the occasion. New friends and old friends coming together. Parties can be held for lots of reasons or no reason at all so tonight we will talk about the forty greets parties in Literature with society gal Suzette Field from London and we talk to trash movie expert Andrew Leavold who is going to tell us about a Filipino James Bond midget.


Orchestra Superstring - Silberstrasse
Nutty - Same Old Song and Scat
Pink Martini - Mayonaka No Bossa Nova
Wynton Marsalis - Loose Duck
John Barry - 007 Theme
Montefiori Cocktail - Gne Gne
Paris Mitchell Strings - Night and Day
Chet Baker - Forgetful
Tito Puente - Ritual Drum Dance
Leonard Nimoy - Music To Watch Girls By
Metrolites - Today We Kill Tomorrow We Spy
Truly Pitts - Take 5

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