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Lost In Paradise

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #261 • April 7th, 2013
Lost In Paradise


We are going to get lost in paradise this week as we talk to Chris Bonomo the man behind the Lost in Paradise YouTube series. I’ve got some interesting Hugh Hefner news, a brand new artist to introduce to you who you might remember from the eighties in her previous life as an actress, a cool vintage website and online magazine to dig plus as always the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.


Don Tiki - Primitivia
Frank Bennett - Disarm me
Martini Kings - Lost In Paradise
Oscar Peterson - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
DJ BoneBrake - Abstract
Molly Ringwald - Don't You Forget About Me
Dizzy Gilespie - In A Shanty Town
Bobby Darin - New York On Sunday
Octobop - Playboys theme
Sir Julian - Movin At Midnight
Kenny Sasaki - Jellyfish
Janet Seidel - Slow Hot Wind
Shirley Scott - Dreamsville

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