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Which One Is David

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #269 • June 9th, 2013
Which One Is David

This week on the show we have part one of an interview with an English radio announcer who packed up and moved to Hollywood and became a successful actor. We also lost a legend of space age bachelor pad music and a member of the “Tonight Show”, plus there is news about an icon of Houston that is under threat.


Laura Ainsworth - The Gentleman Is A Dope
Darren Long - Twist Of Lyman
Julie London - Must Be Catchin
Line Renaud - Sexe
Kava Kon - Behind The Sun
Vic Flick - Live And let Die
Waitiki Hula - Lady
Metropole Orchestra - My Blue Heaven
Pete Rugulo - For Hi Fi Bugs
Ixtahuele Stone - Gods Of Bimini
Bob Thohmpson - On the Rocks
Buddy Collette - Jazz Heat Bongo Beat
Chris Connor - They All Laughed

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