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Which One Is David – Part Two

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #270 • June 16th, 2013
Which One Is David – Part Two

Esther Williams — Esther Williams, US actress and former Olympic swimmer, wearing a red-and-yellow bathing costume, smiling as she poses at the edge of a swmiming pool, circa 1945. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

This week on the show we have part two of an interview with an English radio announcer who packed up and moved to Hollywood and became a successful actor. And this week we lost a a Hollywood legend in that of Esther Williams. Cocktail Nation gets a mention in the LA Times and another interview with me is on our website for you to check out.


Ixtahuele - Black Sand
Laura Ainsworth - Just Give Me A Man
Billy May Orchestra - Mannix
Clouseaux - Noctopia
Al Caiola - Man From Uncle
B # - Big Band Cest Magnifique
Arthur Lyman - Midnight Sun
Nutty - Pleasant Valley Monkday
Rosemary Clooney - Hey Mambo
Si Zenter - The Fugitive Theme
Skip Heller - Watch Us Burn
Tiki Joes Ocean - Quiet Voyage
Herbie Mann - A Man and A Woman
Abe Lagrimas - Like Two In Love

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