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Perfect Vision – The Esquivel Sound

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #273 • July 7th, 2013
Perfect Vision – The Esquivel Sound


I have a brand new album to bring you out of Holland, the Metropole Orchestra have put together a marvellous album of Esquivel tracks called Perfect Vision – The Esquivel Sound. Joining us to talk about the album and Esquivel is Irwin Chusid, the man who first brought us Esquivel on cd in the 90’s. There’s news about a James Bond car for auction, an interesting article about some of the biggest stars of the mid twentieth century as we ask “Where are they now”, plus the World of swank gig guide.


Clouseaux - Search For A Vulcan
Martini Heaven - Tanganova
Metropole Orchestra - La Paloma
Metropole Orchestra - My Blue Heaven
Vince Guaraldi - Dor Que Faz Duer
Tiki Joes Ocean - Stoic Moai
Spy Fi - Man From Uncle
Sally Street - New Blow Top Blues
Oscar Peterson - Band Call
Nutty - She Said, See Said
Octobop - Short Stop
Linda Lawson - Meaning Of The Blues
Jackie Gleason - Mystery Street
Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Nigh

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