Ultra Swank - Retro Adventures


The Cocktail Nation — Episode #274 • July 14th, 2013

This week on the show my neighbor Kramer stops by to chat about lounging bachelor pad movies, this week it’s Jacques Tati and Playtime. I have lots of Tiki Oasis news for you and a critique of the characters of Mad Men along with the World of Swank gig guide, plus the best exotica and lounge music from across the world.


Nutty - Back In Black
Octobop - Playboy Theme
Francis Lemarque - Playtime
Metropole Orchestra - Solamente Una Vez
Robert Hicks - Carioca
Oscar Peterson - Things Aint What They Used To Be
Mel Torme - Moonlight Cocktails
Mambo Zombies - Mambo Inn
Kenny Sasaki - Erotica Exotica
Jackie Gleason - The Best Is Yet To Come
Janet Seidel - A Man And A Woman
Cy Coleman - Parisian Women
SG Sound - Palm Springs Overdrive

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