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Codename Carter

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #281 • September 1st, 2013
Codename Carter


Some spy action this week as we catch up with a new band to the show called ‘Codename Carter’. News on the home of some the world’s greatest songs with the Brill Building, sad news on the passing of Marian Mcpartland from NPR. Plus our world of swank gig guide and the swankiest tunes from across the globe as we broadcast from Sydney’s home of Lounge, the Penthouse.


Dom Mariani - 4 in the Mornin
Kenny Sasaki - Fly Me To The Moon
Codename Carter - Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
Elmer Bernstein - Thinking Of Baby
David Carbonara - A Beautiful Mine
Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder
Enoch Light - Autumn In New York
Tiki Delights - Sandy Samba
Tiki Joes - Ocean Lullaby For Lono
O Som Do - Jazz Manha Alegre
Nelson Riddle - Your Zowie Face
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica - Phoenix Goodbye
Martin Denny - Love Dance
Janet Seidel - Midnight Sun

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