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O Som Do Jazz

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #283 • September 15th, 2013
O Som Do Jazz

This week I bring you a band that is bringing back that Bossa Nova sound for the jet-set exotics. We also have some swank advice on how to automate your life to allow for more swank activity. Of course the only lounge and exotica gig guide returns to the airwaves along with the best lounge and exotica from across the big blue planet.


Combustible Edison - Millionaires Holiday
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica - Frenesi
O Som Do Jazz - Sambou Sambou
Oscar Peterson - I Got It Bad
Tiki Joes - Ocean ALoha Amor
Waitiki 7 - When First I Love
Blue Dahlia's - Brazil
Shelley Mann - Daktari
Sergio Mendes - Monday Monday
Pink Martini - Mar Desconcido
Arthur Lyman Group - Colonel Bogey March
Laura Ainsworth - Love For Sale
Jimmy Vargas - Torchin The El Roco

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