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Moon Show

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #284 • September 22nd, 2013
Moon Show

Have you ever thought about how many songs in the world are about the Moon? Long before man landed on the moon, an obsession with the moon was well and truly formed. This week in the Cocktail Nation we are going to feature songs of Lounge about the moon and of course the 1969 moon landing and the words of Neil Armstrong. For the fans of Princess Grace I have news of a movie coming your way about her life plus out look at the world of swank with the best parties from across the globe.


Seidel - Moon River
Tony Bennett - Blue Moon
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Mai Tais On The Moon
Tiki Joe's - Ocean Moonlight Moods
Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont
Love Jones - Whisky, The Moon and Me
Mel Torme - Swingin On The Moon
Enoch Light - Orchids In The Moonlight
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Jackie Gleason - Moonglow
Ames Brothers - No Moon At All
Morris Stoloff - Moonglow
Arthur Lyman - Moon Over A Ruined Castle
Chet Baker - Moonlight Becomes You
George Dunning - Moonglow and Theme From Picnic
Don Tiki - Other Side Of The Moon

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