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Church Of Frank Sinatra

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #285 • October 13th, 2013
Church Of Frank Sinatra

Koop Kooper back with Cocktail nation after a two week vacation and ready to go with the best lounge and exotica sitting on the Hi Fi. Now tell me, would you consider Frank Sinatra a God? Some people have felt that it would be appropriate to build a church around the “chairman of the board”. We will find out more about that as I speak to head of the Los Angeles church of Frank Sinatra. We also have news on the passing of Louis Prima’s wife and musical partner Gia Maione and some news on the Tikiyaki Orchestra.


Aaron Diehl - The Cylinder
Clouseaux - Search For A Vulcan
Frank Sinatra - Mr Success
Halford Jetset - Tema De Anna
Peggy Lee - You're Blase
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Mysteria
Don Tiki - Jungle Julie
Gia Maione - On The Other Side Of Tears
Jimmy Vargas - Dahlias Web
David Carbonara - Elevator Gossip
Monty Norman - Dr No's Fantasy
Kenny Sasaki - Jellyfish

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