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Designing Bond

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #289 • November 10th, 2013
Designing Bond


There is no doubt about it, James Bond is one stylish lounge lothario. From the cars, to the clothes it’s one stylish ride. This week on the Cocktail Nation we talk to the curator of an international James Bond exhibition called “Designing Bond” which has just arrived in Melbourne. We talk about the perils of over collecting and news of a great new tour to check out.


Spy Fi - Black Tie Spy
Sally Street - Play Your Hands Girls
Leroy Holmes - The James Bond Theme
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica - Maracatune For Chalco
Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn Theme
Acca Daiquiris - Witchcraft
David Carbonara - How Mable Got Stable Cha Cha Cha
Aaron Diehl - Blue Nude
Earl Hagen - I Spy
Martini Kings - Zou Biscou Biscou
Freddy Cole - Waiter Ask The Man To Play The Blues
Ixtahule - Gardens Of Mu
Jonah Jones - Blue Danube Rock

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