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Disney Frozen on Ice

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #290 • November 18th, 2013
Disney Frozen on Ice

The franchise that is Disney is one of the best known across the globe, the man who began it all, Walt Disney was a man with vision and that vision continued after his death in 1966. This week we talk to a man who has put together book all about the time after Walt’s death. There’s also news on a new book from Beachbum Berry and a new series on the Kennedy’s you might have caught on the box.


Aaron Diehl - The Cylinder
Metropole Orchestra - Spellbound
Arthur Lyman - Leis Of Jazz
Machiniso Percusion - Frenzy
Tiki Delights - Stay In My Arms
Jimmy Vargas - The Girl You Left Behind
Laurie Allyn - So In Love
Linda Lawson - Mood Indigo
Narco Lounge Combo - Squizy Tahini
Nelson Riddle - Your Zowie Face
Oscar Peterson - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Pink Martini - Mar Desconocido
Stan Getz - Charade
Jackie Gleason - Darn That Dream

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