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Potions Of The Caribbean

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #294 • December 15th, 2013
Potions Of The Caribbean


Jeff Beachbum Berry has got a brand new book out that will blow your mind about the history of tiki drinks. For those in Los Angeles I have a very cool hang out for you, plus a very groovy newsletter to sign up for which I can guarantee you won’t regret when it drops into your inbox each week.


Tony Bennett - With Plenty Of Money And You
Aaron Diehl - Moonlight In Vermont
Si Zentner - From Russia With Love
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Ritual Mallet Dance
Percussion For Playboys - Angel Eyes
Metropole Orchestra - Third Man Theme
Martin Denny - Rain
Pink Martini and Saori Yuki Mayonka - No Bossa Nova
Dave Bruebeck - Broadway Bossa Nova
Frank Sinatra - I Wish I Were In Love Again
Sally Street - When In Rome
Peggy Lee - From Now On
Clouseaux - Paraiso

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