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The Encounter Restaurant

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #298 • February 2nd, 2014
The Encounter Restaurant


The lounge sounds are ready to go as we set the needle on the vinyl up high in the Sydney penthouse and thus week we take a look at an an architectural giant of the the US landscape, The Encounter Restaurant at the Theme Building in LAX. There’s news on the release of a very noir book to pick up and news from me when your swank life goes slightly awry!


Useless Playboys - Caravan
Cocktail Inn - Brief And Breezy
Frank Sinatra - Nothing But The Best
Don Baker - Trio Dansero
Jimmy Vargas - A Blue Negligee
Project Pimento - Star Trek
Reg Owen - Dancing On the Ceiling
Sonny Lester - Salome’s Veil
Tito Puente - Ritual Drum Dance
James Bond And His Sextet - You Only Live Twice
James Morrison - The Master Plan

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