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Girl Talk

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #304 • March 16th, 2014
Girl Talk

A themed show this week on the Cocktail Nation as we play all songs about the female species and speaking of the girls we take a look at the evolution of women, not from Eve but the women’s liberation movement of the sixties. So much happened in the sixties, so much that was pivotal in where we are today and the women’s lib movement was one of them. Speaking of the sixties we talk “Mad Men” which returns soon. I have a cool book to check out as we see what is reading in the penthouse, plus I have all the best parties from across the globe!


Octobop - Girl Talk
Jonah Jones - I Dig Chicks
Kayleen Peoples - Girl From Ipanema
Clouseaux - Girl From Atlantis
David Carbonara - A Girl Can Dream
Jimmy Vargas - Cigarette Girls
Kenny Sasaki - China Girl
John Barry - Beat Girl
Jackie Gleason - A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
Reg Owen - Pretty Baby
Bennet and Basie - Poor Little Rich Girl
Sally Street - Play Your hands Girls
Abbe Lane - Whatever Lola Wants
Cy Coleman - Parisian Women
Leonard Nimoy - Music To Watch Space Girls By

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