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The Life and Time and Films of Marilyn Monroe

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #312 • May 11th, 2014
The Life and Time and Films of Marilyn Monroe

There has been a lot written about Marilyn Monroe, so many books that it boggles my mind when someone brings out another. This week I have an interesting man who takes a completely different look at the Monroe persona. Coming up more on the Princess Grace bio pic and the controversy around it. We checkout a book on Johnny Carson and reveal our winner of my competition to win a copy of my book plus we remember another Hollywood legend who has left us in the last week.


Stolen Idols - Kyoto Protcol
Kenny Sasaki and the Tiki Boys - The Undercover Man
Marilyn Monroe - You’d Be Surprised
Marc Copeland - She’s Funny That Way
Pink Martini - And Then Your Gone
Stan Getz - Round Midnight
Lalo Schifrin - Insensatez
Robert Davi - Nice And Easy
Skip Heller - El Tiradite
Joey Altruda - Doo Boo Dee Boo
Ann Richards - The Masquerade Is Over
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Frenesi
Cocktail Inn - Manila

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