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The Comedy Of Joan Rivers

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #315 • June 1st, 2014
The Comedy Of Joan Rivers

joan-rivers—photo-credit-charles-william-bush — Joan Rivers’ other books include I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me and Men Are Stupid … And They Like Big Boobs.

Another week of comedy this time and I thought we would have a look at the comedy of Joan Rivers. This week we lost a legend of pinup photography in that of Bunny Yeager. I’ve got a weird JFK assassination theory I have come across, a cool book on Penthouses and some news out of the Tiki Joes Ocean camp.


Robert Davi - The Best is Yet to Come
Carol Fredette - The Best Thing For You
Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice.
Alika Lyman -Arthur's Line
Julie London - Night and Day
Orchestra Superstring - Silberatrasse
Emma Pask - Mas Que Nada
Tiki Joes - Ocean Stoic Moai
Jim Spencer - The Things We Did Last Summer
The Left Arm Of Budda - Arabian Calypso
Wynton Marsalis - Loose Duck
Bobby Fox - House Of Bamboo
Atomic Sherpas - Clockwise

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