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Grace of Monaco

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #317 • June 15th, 2014
Grace of Monaco

The film “Grace Of Monaco” is going to be our spotlight this week with my good friend and movie reviewer Laura stoping by the penthouse studio to let us know what she thought about the Sydney Premiere of this film. We have a cool blog to check out on the possible endings for Mad Men next year by good friend of the Cocktail Nation, Chris Tiki Pinto. And stand by for lots of new music added to the Cocktail Nation music universe as we kick off the lounge party.


Charlie Apicella - Sunday Morning
Mary Anne Anderson - Azure-Te
Arthur Lyman - Anna
HB Radke - Martinis and Pearls
Perry Beekman - Have You Met Miss Jones
Sinatra And Jobim - Quiet Nights
The Secret Agents - James Bond Theme
Nutty - Five Nights
Barry Adamson - The Big Bamboozle
Tony Mottola - Love In Every Room
Stolen Idols - Monkey Revenge
Alika Lymon - Kauai Rose
David Carbonara - Elevator Gossip
Machiniso Percusso - Frenzy
Laura Ainsworth - You’d Be Surprised

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