Ultra Swank - Retro Adventures


The Cocktail Nation — Episode #322 • August 10th, 2014

This week my favorite pianist joins me on the show, James Spencer and his album Nightfall. Some news on the spreading of the lounge sound, we will talk about the authentic retro lifestyle when it goes all wrong plus an auction of some Sammy Davis Jr. property which had some amazing secrets.


Clouseaux - Kumar
Janet Seidel - A Man And A Woman
James Spencer - Nightfall
Tony Bennett - Manhatten
Stolen Idols - Busy Port
Left Arm Of Budda - A Monkeys Affair
Martin Denny - Stone God
Laura Ainsworth - Necessary Evil
Larry Gelb - Love Walked In
Duke Ellington - Absinthe
George Shearing - I Remember April
Narco Lounge - Beautiful Losers
Vince Guaraldi - Lucky Gu

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