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RIP Lauren Bacall

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #324 • August 24th, 2014
RIP Lauren Bacall

lauren bacall publicity shot 1945

Sad news last week of the passing of Lauren Bacall, so on this edition of the Cocktail Nation we will take a look at her life and times. News on what they call the “Steve McQueen effect”, news on a classic Cadillac dealership in trouble in Los Angeles, and I will take a look at what is happening on the neo lounge music scene from across the globe.


Martini Madness - Coquette
Russ Garcia - Sophisticated Lady
# Lauren Bacall Interview
Liz Geyson Group - Yes I Know I've Had It
Robert Davi - Here Is That Rainy Day
Julie London - Voice In The Mirror
# Cadillac Dealership
Jackie Gleason - I'm In The Mood For Love
Alika Lyman Group - Bobo
Robert Goulet - Too Darn Hot
# Steve McQueen Effect
Wynton Marsalis Observation Cart
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica - Would you like bongoes with that Fugue
Michelle Nicolle - Days Of Wine And Rose
# Comment on modern Jazz / World of Swank gig guide
Kenny Sasaki - Quiet Volcano
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Koku Sufu
Laurindo Almeida - The Look Of Love
# Forward tease
Jimmy Vargas - Zoeotica Blues

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