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Poly Hai

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #327 • September 14th, 2014
Poly Hai

This week talking about a little thing called Polly Hai, more on this interesting educational institution. We will look at the funeral of Joan Rivers. A Wisconsin car wrecking yard is about to close and you will be amazed what is hidden behind the wire fence. Plus the best exotica and lounge music across the globe of course.


Bobby Fox and Miranda Kerr - You’re The Boss
Clouseaux - Powerhouse
# Kari Handler
Arthur Lyman - Love For Sale
James Spencer - The Things We Did Last Summer
Si Zentner - Burke’s Law
# News - Joan Rivers Funeral
Ixtahuele - Stone Gods Of Bimini
Don Ralke - Voodoo Princess
Halford Jetset - Tema De Anna
# News - Wisconsin Car Yard
# World Of Swank Gig Guide
Vic Damone - Separate Tables
Perry Beekman - I Wish I Was In Love Again
James Morrison - Nice And Easy
Robert Hicks - Early Autumn

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