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Panda And Me

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #328 • September 21st, 2014
Panda And Me


We are talking pop art this week on the show with an interesting mix of mid century, pop art which meets spy with a great series called “Panda and Me”. I’ve got news on a very cool reproduction sports car for the lounge lotharios who want to mix new with old. Some great articles for you to enjoy and of course the best lounge and exotica from across the globe.


Steve Greaves - The Man From Uncle
Tiki Lounge Crew - Bongo Nova
# Panda and Me Interview
Henry Mancini - Mr. Lucky
James Morison - Girl Talk
Dexter Gordon - Ghost Of A Chance
# Evanta Barchetta Review
Barbara Lusch - So Nice
Aaron Diehl - Blue Nude
Si Zentner - The Fugitive Theme
# News and Richard Keil death
Cal Tjader - Cool
Clouseaux - Search For A Vulcan
Dinah Washington - Since I Fell For You
Diana Krall - Cry Me A River

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