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Kahiki Supper Club

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #330 • October 6th, 2014
Kahiki Supper Club


This week we have Jeff Chenault on the show as part one of our interview about his latest book “Kahiki Supper Club – A Polynesian Paradise In Columbus”. We take a look at a tiki artist who has gone rogue and has been employing gorilla tactics to get the tiki word out. There has been a car auction of famous movie star and music star cars recently, plus the best lounge and exotica along with the best parties from across the globe.


Alika Lyman - Kaimana
Bobby Fox - Shopping for clothes
# Jeff Chenault Interview
Arthur Lyman - Yellow Bird
Stolen Idols - Sophisticated Savage
# News - Tiki gorilla activities
Steve Lawrence - Night And Day
Barbara Levy Daniels - Where Or When
Billy May - Cocktails For Two
# News - Star cars
Diana Krall - Stop This World
James Morrison - I Fall In Love To Easy
101 Strings Orchestra - A Man And A Woman
Glen Grey - Fly Me To The Moon
# Tease for next weeks show
Stan Getz - Misty
Robert Hicks - Don’t Worry Bout Me

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