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I Spy Eurospy

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #332 • October 20th, 2014
I Spy Eurospy

We kick off our monthly Euro Spy special this week with Kramer and we start from the most logical place that is Bond. I’ve got a great album for the holidays to grab, a cool new website to dig along with some cool parties from across the globe to grace your presence at.


Alex and Nilusha - Morning
Anna Saleh - Twisted
John Barry - James Bond Theme
John Barry - On Her Majestys Secret Service
Al Caiola - Underwater chase
Dizzy Gilespie - Cocktails For Two
GoldDust Lounge - Lost Sunset
Don Tiki - Other Side Of The Moon
Vince Guaraldi - Mr Lucky
Larry Gelb - Perspiration
Janice Borla Group - Midnight Voyage
Lenny Dee - China Boy

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