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Reel Wild Cinema

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #335 • November 9th, 2014
Reel Wild Cinema

You might remember the old fanzines that you would find in record stores in the pre-digital music days. Underground publications with practically every subject covered and almost any opinion represented. This week we speak to a man who had one of the most popular fanzines in the nineties and he has put them together into a marvelous book about b-grade cinema and tv. Also on the show we talk about the death of Acker Bilk, plus we reveal the secrets of Area 51.


Stolen Idols - Revenge Of The Pink Piranaha
Robert Drasnin - Voodoo
Rene Raff - Mad About The Boy
Larry Gelb - While My Lady Sleeps
Jackie Gleason - From Russia With Love
Frank Sinatra - It was a very good year
Clouseaux - Shot In The Dark
Spy Fi - So What’s Up
Tiki Joe’s Ocean - Soul Of The Sea
Oscar Peterson - The Strut
Bill Evans - Time Remembered
Audrey Morris - Guess Who I Saw Today
Nathan Haines - Cocktails

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