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The Cocktail Nation — Episode #338 • November 30th, 2014

This week on the show it’s our monthly Euro Spy special. This week we’re looking at the film “Charade” with my neighbour Kramer. Some news on an old but new Bond villain coming our way, some swank advice on how to maintain a bachelor pad and as always the best exotica and lounge music.


Jason Paul Curtis - Brooklyn July
Acca Daquiries - White Wedding
# Euro Spy: Charade
Henry Mancini - Charade
Nutty - Cinnamon Doll
Oscar Peterson - Easy Does It
# News - New but old Bond villain
Tiki Joe’s Ocean - Mai Tai Mambo
Barry Adamson - The Big Bamboozle
Howard Shore - Ed Wood Theme
# Bachelor pad advice
# Gig guide
The Desmond Quartet - Take Five
Don Ralke - Black Panther
Janet Seidel - I Love Paris
Martini Kings - Killer Joe
Mambo Zombies - Capulito De Aleli
# Next weeks show teaser
Cocktail Inn - Summer Samba

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