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Jet Set Unlimited

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #342 • February 1st, 2015
Jet Set Unlimited


This week we kick off a swank 2015 with Steve Greaves from the SG Sound who has a new project, and it’s called Jetset Unlimited. We’ll take a look at the world of swank and a few happenings while I have been on vacation including the loss of some big names and some names you might not have heard of before.


David Carbonara - Don The Man
Ricki Derek - Sunny
# Steve Greaves Jet Set Unlimited
Jet Set Unlimited - Man From Uncle
Bill Evans - Beautiful Love
Combustible Edison - Lonelyville
# People We Lost
Project Pimento - Fever
Ann Richards - An Occasional Man
Marlene Ver Planck - The Way You Look Tonight
# Koop Activities
Tiki Lounge Crew - Martini Sunset
Beegie Adair - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Billy May - Mission Impossible
#World of Swank
Esquivel - I Get A Kick Out Of You
Laurindo Almeida - The Look Of Love
Judi Silvano - You Don’t Know What Live Is
# Next Week's Show - Bill Ray

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