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Euro Spy Special – The Ipcress File

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #346 • March 1st, 2015
Euro Spy Special – The Ipcress File

This week on the show we talk “Euro Spy” movies and tv with Kramer. We explore the question of whether or not vintage clothing may or may not be cursed, we have the world of swank gig guide back with more great parties to attend. Plus some more great music for your bachelor pad hi-fi.


Jetset Unlimited - Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Tiki Lounge Crew - Mambo Twango
# Euro Spy Special with Kramer: The Ipcress File
John Barry - Theme from Ipcress File
James Morrison - My Beautiful
Gene Rains - Soshu Night Serenade
# Pat Robertson: Vintage clothing demons
Beegie Adair - Summer Wind
Barbara Levy Daniels - Where Or When
Bert Kaemphert - Berts Bossa Nova
# Atomic Grog Magazine
Wynton Marsalis - Loose Duck
Martin Denny - The Enchanted Sea
# World of Swank Guide
Dave Bruebeck - Cable Car
HB Radke - Martinis and Pearls
Stan Getz - The Look Of Love
# Next week's show teaser
Henry Mancini - Days of Wine and Roses

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