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The Cocktail Nation — Episode #349 • March 22nd, 2015

Some new music coming your way with a brand new track from The Tiki Delights, this time they move from exotica into the lounge realm. We’ll talk to the man behind it all, Darren Long. I’ll tackle the movement from analogue to smart watches and what this means for mens fashion. Plus an amazing story out of the sixties that included big time celebrities and a paparazzi approach to getting the story. And one for the Mad Men fans with a new exhibition that’s just opened.


Rachel Caswel - Agua De Beber
Dave Stryker - In A Sentimental Mood
# Darren Long from the Tiki Delights
Tiki Delights - Swank
Paris Mitchel Strings - You Stepped Out Of A Dream
# Scoop of the sixties
David Carbonara - Don The Man
Project Pimento - Charade
Ellen La Fern - I’ve Got The World On A String
# Say No To The Smart Watch
Peggy Lee - As Long As I Live
Gene Rains - Lonely Winter
Beegie Adair - You’re The Top
# Mad Men exhibit
# World of Swank
Jackie Gleason - It’s Alright With Me
Nat King Cole and George Shearing - A Beautiful Friendship
# Next week teaser
James Spencer - Midnight Melancholy


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