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Codename Carter (The Album)

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #355 • May 4th, 2015
Codename Carter (The Album)

I love it when I have some new music come my way and some exciting news that spy-jazz band “Codename Carter” have just released their first album so we will talk to Michael Behrenhausen from the band about this new release. And this weeks news I will bring you is all based on the term “location, location, location”, but add in a spot of fame and the motivated buyers will come flocking.


Tiki Delights - Swankology
Barbara Levy Daniels - Come Dance With Me
# Codename Carter: Michael Behrenhausen
Codename Carter - Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
Enoch Light - Miami Beach Rhumba
Jackie Gleason - Mickey
# Stella Stevens' swinging '60s pad sells for $1.25 million
Laura Fygi - Perfidia
Roger Davidson Trio - Ocean Breeze
Perry Beekman - Oh Lady Be Good
# Frank Sinatra's sad sells for $5 million
James Spencer - Lady Of The Evening
Howard Roberts - Girl Talk
# World of Swank
Jack Jezzro - Night And Day
Aurey Morris - April Fool
#Next week's show teaser
Michelle Lordi - You're My Thrill

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