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Tiki Oasis

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #356 • May 10th, 2015
Tiki Oasis

Covering another big event for 2015 and this week we look at Tiki Oasis with legend of the tiki scene, Otto von Stroheim. We will talk classic cars and what happens when they go wrong, plus some news of a Tiki artist who has been ripped off in the weirdest way.


Narco Lounge Combo - Aztec West
Barbara Levy Daniels - Oh You Crazy Moon
# Tiki Oasis and Otto von Stroheim
Aaron Diehl - Genreationary
Gene Rains - Song Of Delilah
George Shearing - Caravan
# Koop on Classic Cars
James Spencer - Shaddowed Illusions
James Morrison - My Beautiful
# Social Media
Perry Beekman - How Long Has This Been Going On
Alika Lyman Group - Kaui Rose
Jackie Gleason - Laura
# The curse of copying
# World of Swank
David Carbonara - Du Jour Mantovani
Billy May - Perfidia
# Next week's show teaser
Enoch Light - Out Of Nowhere

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