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The Satin Chaps

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #364 • July 5th, 2015
The Satin Chaps


On the show this weekend we the band The Satin Chaps. I have a tale of a Pink Flamingo. News on the death of a child actor and a first look at the new James Spencer cocktail piano album, plus the best exotica and lounge music across the globe.


Perry Beekman - Love Walked In
Bobby Darin - Something In Your Smile
# The Satin Chaps
The Satin Chaps - Stompin
Stan Kenton - Artistry In Rhythmn
Jeff Denson Trio and Lee Kunitz - Background Music
Nat King Cole - Lush Life
# A tale of a Pink Flamingo
Jackie Gleason - Allez Vous En Go Away
George and Chico Freeman - Dark Blue
# George Wentzlaff: Child actor
# World of Swank
James Spencer - A Julie London Memoir
Project Pimento - Charade
# Next week's show teaser
Barbara Levy Daniels - Imagination

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