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Jerry Lewis In The Dressing Room

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #366 • July 19th, 2015
Jerry Lewis In The Dressing Room

This week talking about Jerry Lewis and an interesting interview I found that I would like to share with you. We talk about the passing of Omar Sharif and how about this, a cursed 1954 Ferrari Sports car!


Clouseaux - Miserlou
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Black Sand Blue Sea
# Jerry Lewis: Interview
Jerry Lewis - That Old Black Magic
101 Strings - Peter Gunn Theme
Useless Playboys - Caravan
# Death of Omar Sharif
Uptown Jazz Quartet - Bossa Nova Eyes
Virginia Schneck - How Deep Is The Ocean
Rene Raff - Aprils Fool
# 1954 Ferrari Story
Oscar Peterson - Bags Groove
Narco Lounge Combo - Play With Fire
# Next week's show teaser
Monica Mancini - Weekend Of A Private Secretary

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