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Tikiyaki Orchestra

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #369 • August 9th, 2015
Tikiyaki Orchestra


Some great news with the Tikiyaki Orchestra’s new album just released. We will also catch up with Jim Bacchi. News on a very cool Mid-Century refit of an office block to give it a Mad Men feel. And revealed after 60 years, the real “Green Lady” whose face is on a million living room walls.


Rachel Caswell - Agua De Beber
Antonio Adolfo - Sambo Jazz
# Tikiyaki Orchestra: New album interview
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Idol Worship
Arthur Lyman - Voodoo Dreams
Ixtahule - Dengue Fever
# Zagreb: Mad Men Office
Jackie Gleason - September Song
James Spencer - Blues Round Midnight
Cherry Capri - Creamy Cocktails
# The real green lady of the Tretchikoff
# World of Swank
Jack Jones - Michelle
Laurie Allyn - You Go To My Head
# iTunes Referral
Lucas Vigor - The Straight Dope
Barbara Levy Daniels - I Got Lost In His Arms
# Next week's show teaser
Chet Baker - I've Never Been In Love Before

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