Ultra Swank - Retro Adventures


The Cocktail Nation — Episode #370 • August 16th, 2015

This week we look at the life of the man who played Lurch in the TV show “The Addams Family”. Some good news on the release of my first fiction book. Some James Bond news for you, plus the best lounge and exotica music across the globe.


Spy Fi - Then Play Down 2
Monty Norman - Doctor No's Fantasy
# Ted Cassidy Interview
Vic Mizzy and His Orchestra - The Addams Family Theme
James Spencer - Romancin' Jackie Gleason
Jackie Gleason - Beyond The Blue Horizon
# Koop's book release: Licardo Prince - Accidental Assassin
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Zero Gravity
Henry Mancini - Shot In The Dark
Gene Rains - Strange Cargo
# 007: Schilthorn
# World of Swank
Moonrays - Mysterioso
Kenny Saskai - Undercover Man
Aaron Diel - Moonlight In Vermont
Janice Borla Group - Midnight Voyage
Briamonte Orchestra - Rota Sul
Frank Sinatra - Body And Soul
# Next weeks's show teaser
Tony Bennett - With Plenty Of Money And You

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