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Miss Dinah Shore

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #371 • August 23rd, 2015
Miss Dinah Shore

I’ve got a great book from a really interesting former Hollywood resident all about one Dinah Shore. News on how to get some very cool mid mod furniture cheaply and easily, and how would you like to own something that was owned by Oscar Peterson, I will let you know how.


Daniel Pemberton - His Name Is Napoleon Solo
Tikiyaki Orchestra - Eden Awaits
# Miss Dinah Shore: A Biography by Michael B Druxman
Dinah Shore - It Had To Be You
Dawn Muhummed - Just Friends
# Oscar Peterson news
Dave Bruebeck - Heart and Soul
Gene Rains - Caravan
# Ikea news
# World of Swank
Orchestra Superstring - Linonine
James Morrison - The Masterplan
Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year
Mr Ho's Orchestrotica - Take The A Train
Les Baxter - Mood Tattooed
# Next week's show teaser
Jackie Gleason - Golden Violins

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