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Modesty Blaise & The Vintage Vegan

The Cocktail Nation — Episode #373 • September 6th, 2015
Modesty Blaise & The Vintage Vegan


The “Euro Spy” is lurking around and this time the camp “Modesty Blaise” as Kramer gives us the lowdown on this 1966 film. Plus James Spencer stops by to talk about his latest book on the “Vintage Vegan”. Also, we talk about what is wrong with some period films and TV shows and bring you the best of the “World of Swank” with a stack of great parties to attend across the globe.


Robert Drasnin - Aloha Mix
Daniel Pemberton - Bugs Beats and Bowties
# Kramer on Modesty Blaise
David and Jonathan - Modesty Blaise
Frank Sinatra - Don't Be That Way
# Aquarius
Bobby Fox - Let There Be Love
Jackie Gleason - My Devotion
James Spencer - A Kooper Kocktail
# The Vintage Vegan: The Art of Vegan Tea Hosting
# World of Swank
Alika Lyman Group - Poinciana
The Left Arm Of Budda - The Coco Serenade
Robert Davi - Mamselle
# Social media
Blossum Dearie - My Attorney Bernie
Miles Davis with Quincy Jones - Summertime
Nathan Haines - Frontier West
Percussion For Playboys - Koop Salutes

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